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Period Ceramics

ANCIENT TOUCH Ancient Touch specializes in Ancient Art from Antiquity to Medieval times featuring cultures of the Mediterranean world, Asia Minor and Europe. 

Anglo Saxon and Viking Pottery was a very important method of producing cheap cooking pots, bowls, cups, lamps, bottles, jugs, etc.. It was also used for loom-weights, crucibles and moulds. 

Medieval Pottery Construction An online guide to the methods and techniques of making English pottery vessels in the 13th and 14th centuries 

PotWeb: Ceramics online The Ashmoleans's ceramic collections are not only of world-class importance but are wide-ranging: Early Europe & Near East, Classical to Medieval: Europe from 1500: Oriental and Islamic:

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Pottery in Egypt


Pottery form Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia: Basics on pottery in period and how it was done.


An online guide to the methods and techniques of making English pottery vessels in the 13th and 14th centuries.  Campots arcaeoceramics:



Clay Groups


American Ceramic Society: the world's leading organization dedicated to the advancement of ceramics.


SCA-Potters List: Group of potters within the Society that discuss period pottery in all aspects.



Clay Supply Companies


Laguna Clay: Carries wide variety of clay, glazes, chemicals, and equipment.


Big Ceramic  Stock over 5000 different items for the clay artist.


Amaco American Clay Art Company: like Laguna Clay, yet another distributor of clays, chemicals, and equipment for clay artists.


Places to Play


Color Me Mine: Clay Studios specializing in painting your own greenware.  Nationwide.


UCSD Crafts Center: The Crafts Center is committed to making useful connections among the University of California, San Diego's various publics.  Offers classes and open studio workshop at reasonable rates.


MOST community colleges throughout CAID offer various clay classes at extremely low prices.  Check them out in your area!


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