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  The Potter's Guild of Caid  


As written by: HL Artemisia di Serena, Guild mistress

February 3, 2004 


To provide a supportive organization for ceramic artists of all skill levels.   To provide an opportunity to network and share knowledge and techniques through workshops, special events, and at Arts and Sciences displays. To provide populace awareness and appreciation for ceramic artists and their work. To promote period creation, education and high quality work among our members.


Section 1.  Principal Office

The Principal Office of the Guild for the transaction of business is located in Los Angeles County, California.

Section 2.  Location

The Principal Office shall be located in Northridge CA. [Edited for online privacy]


Section 1.  Purposes and Objectives

The primary purposes and objectives of this Guild shall be:

(a)  To provide information in the art of pottery making;

(b)  To provide instruction in the art of pottery to any who are interested;

(c)  To teach period versus non-period techniques;

(d)  To be able to provide largesse to various Royals etc.;

(e)  To provide information for other groups and help them in their studies;


 Section 1.  Determination and Rights of Members

         (a)  All members are equal.  Everyone is encouraged to share their                 knowledge with the entire group.

 Section 2.  Admission, Dues, and Number of Members

(a)  Applicants shall be admitted upon coming to a meeting and stating that they wish to join.

 (b)  There are no dues to join as a regular member.  Reimbursement maybe requested for services and supplies.   Such costs will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

 (c )   There shall be no limit to the number of the members.

 (d)   Membership is open to all participants of the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc., and particularly those within the Kingdom of Caid.


 Section 1.  Place of Meeting

 Meeting of the membership shall take place at the time and place that was decided by the Potter’s Council, and placed on the website of the Potter’s Guild.

 Section 2.  Meetings

 Kingdom Meetings:

    (a)    Official meetings will be published in the Crown Prints AND in any other form the Guild master may deem appropriate.  There will be (approximately) two meetings per year.

    (b)   Official business of the Guild will only be conducted at official semi-annual Guild meetings.

         (c)    The Guild will hold events to further the purposes of the Guild.

Branch Meetings:

        (a)  Local branches will meet as deemed appropriate by local guild masters. Required annual (or semi-annual) reports from local branches will include descriptions of local meetings and events.


Section 3.  Notice of Meetings

(a)  Manner of notice.  Notice will be given on the website, or by mail, email or by telephone.

 (b)  Authorized meeting.  If any officer is present, this constitutes an authorized meeting.

 Section 4.  Voting Rights

 All members have the right to go to any Potter’s Council meeting,  speak and be heard, and to vote.  All members are eligible to become officers within the council.


Section 1.  Voting Members

The Crown, along with members constitutes the voting membership.

Section 2.  Members

All members of the Guild have the right to attend and be heard and to submit proposals to the Council.

Section 3.  Powers of the Officers

The powers of the Officers are:

(a)  Setting meeting dates;

 (b) Resolving normal business problems relating to the smooth running of the Guild;

 (c)  To amend or change the Bylaws, requiring a 3/4 vote by the officers;

 (d)  To take care of any other business set forth by the members or by other circumstances.

 Section 4.  Policy Decisions

 Policy decisions are temporary additions to the Bylaws/Charter and should be treated like any of the Bylaws in full.

             (a)  Decisions may be made by:

   1.  The Guild master on most day-to-day decisions;

   2.  The Officers can get involved on more serious issues, such as changing the Bylaws or Charter.

 (b)  Decisions may be deleted by:

   1.  The Guild master & the officers, by 2/3 vote;

   2.  The Crown.



Section 1.  Number of Officers

The officers of the Guild shall consist of the Guild master, Secretary, and Exchequer, all voted in according to the laws of  the Guild.

Section 2.  Elections and Duties of the Guild master

Duties of the Guild master include the day-to-day running of the guild, with power to delegate authority as needed. This Charter is subject to Caidan Law, the will of the Crown of Caid, the rules and regulations of the SCA Inc. and all mundane laws and restrictions.  Mundane law shall always take precedence.

The Guild master shall be elected from among the guild, for a term of one year.  The Guild master shall be the chief executive officer of the Guild and shall, subject to the control of the Potter’s Council, supervise and control the affairs of the Guild and the activities of the officers.

Section 3.  Election and Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall be elected from among all members of the Guild for a term of one year.  The Chronicler shall:

(a)  Keep a current copy of the Bylaws;

             (b)      Have the power to designate an assistant at a current Active Branch;

 (c)       Produce the Newsletter if need arises.

(d)      Administer and update the Potter’s Guild Website on an ongoing basis, keeping the site updated at all times.

(e)       Keep an outline for one year of any meetings of the Council and its branches;.

(f)         Keep all major papers relating to the Guild.

(g)       Remind the Guild master of all unfinished business.

(h)       Keep track of all ranks and any individual projects started by members;

(i)         Perform any other duties that are deemed necessary by the  Potter’s Council.

 Section 4.  Election and Duties of the Exchequer

 The Exchequer shall be elected from among all members of the Guild  for a term of one year.  The Exchequer shall:

(a)    Be responsible for the collection of any Guild dues when applicable;

 (b)    Be responsible for the writing of checks if the Guild ever has an account;

(c)    Write a report for every quarter listing the income and expenses of the Guild. 

Section 5.  Voting for Guild Officers

             (a)  Nominations open January 1st;

 (b)  Nominations and ballots shall be listed on the website two months after nominations open;

 (c)  Ballots shall be in, and the final count shall be taken at the Spring Crown meeting;

 (d)    Results shall be on the website, with any  absent officers being notified by telephone.

 Section 6. The Potter’s Council

 This group consists of those active members that are willing to help expand the guild.  Anyone willing to teach, helps run events, assist with any of the officer’s duties, and advise in any capacity, may also be part of the Potter’s Council as long as there is a consensus from the officers.

 Signed this __________ Day of ______________________________ A.S. _______________


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 King of Caid                                            Queen of Caid


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